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Living in the middle of the ocean

Everyone is asking me – so, what is it like? And where is that Ponta Delgada? Is it in Spain? No, it’s not in Spain. It’s in Portugal. Well, actually, the Azores are one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal.

The Azores consist of a group of 9 islands and they are scattered across the Atlantic Ocean roughly 1,500km west of mainland Portugal and 4,000km east of New York. They are the farthest-flung outpost of Western Europe. And Ponta Delgada is on the island of São Miguel.

What else shall I tell you about Ponta Delgada? There are about 70 000 inhabitants and it’s very calm. There are some nice cafés and restaurants and you can have a good espresso for 0,65 EUR or a latte (which is more my style) for 1 EUR. And I always get myself a pastel de nata (it should be called PASTEL DE NATALY) to accompany my coffee, which is also nicely cheap (0,90 EUR). When I think that I used to pay 4,20 EUR for my café crème in Paris…DSC04499



You also asked me about people. People here are very friendly. And most of them speak English so it is easy to communicate.

And the weather? The weather in Ponta Delgada is changeable. The Azores enjoy the mild climate throughout the year due to the Gulf Stream. The average temperature around this time of the year is between 11 and 17°C.

However, the islands are prone to rainy days at any time of year so if you are looking for a beach holiday with guaranteed sun, then the Azores are not the right destination for you.



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