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Mosteiros on the island of São Miguel

If you hop on the bus 209 in Ponta Delgada, you will easily reach the village of Mosteiros. The fair will cost you 3.30 euros (one-way ticket) and it will take you about an hour. As I already mentioned, you can get to most places on the island of São Miguel by public transport. You may need to do a little research on the Internet but that will save you quite a lot of money. And it’s fun!


The village of Mosteiros is the westernmost settlement on the island of São Miguel.


It is a quaint little village of about 1100 people and you may be surprised to learn that is surrounded by coastal cliffs that reach 20 meters.


The word Mosteiros, meaning monastery in Portuguese, was named after these islets. Apparently, the largest of these islets is shaped like a church.


So, here you can surf…


Or you can go for a hike…


And if you follow the path to Várzea, you will get to the whale lookout. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any whales, but this is definitely the best place to admire the ocean and take pictures.




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