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The weather has been really good recently. We haven’t had any rain for a week, which is quite extraordinary in the Azores. So whenever we are free, we just go for a day trip. It is inviting to travel around here because the nature is simply stunning. The only thing I hate on the island of Sao Miguel are DOGS. They are everywhere and some of them look quite nasty. Why do people want to have nasty dogs? Don’t get me wrong – I am fond of dogs and I’m not afraid of them but we’ve seen some really aggressive dogs. You wouldn’t want to go anywhere near them. Anyway…

I want to share some pics that I took in Lagoa, which is located east of Ponta Delgada.


We saw some beautiful houses….



And we wanted to visit this church but it was closed (we noticed that churches are often closed).


There are so many details that I could tell you about. If you continue reading my blog, you will notice that I’m really into details 😉



When we got tired, we sat by the ocean and had our little lunch… What a treat!



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