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Caldeiras da Lagoa das Furnas

The caldeiras on the edge of Furnas Lake are a must if you are visiting the Azores.


It’s pretty impressive!  And there’s a strong smell of sulphur.


I haven’t done it (yet!!!) but you can have cozido (local food), which is an old custom over here. The locals take food down to the lake and leave it to cook slowly in the thermal waters. I am planning to go back in a few days and will tell you more about it then. But this is how they do it: the pots are buried in the earth.


This young man seemed to be very popular among these ducks and geese.


We also went for a walk around the lake.



And there were some gorgeous villas…

I was especially impressed by the botanical garden.


Mr Rooster was nicely posing for me.


And camellia japonica, one of my favorite flowers!

There was a small waterfall…


What a romantic place!!!

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