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Floating towns

Floating towns – this is how I refer to these massive cruise ships. They usually arrive early in the morning and leave at the sunset. And whenever they arrive, the town of Ponta Delgada welcomes them with open arms.

You can find many taxis, buses, local guides…  awaiting them at the port.



Two “floating towns” arrived yesterday, which was quite an event in the capital of the Azores.


Within a few minutes, this quiet town turned into a crowded, hectic place. Suddenly, all the bars and restaurants were swarmed with the newcomers, it also became harder to walk on the narrow pavements with so many people around, and Portuguese gave way to English. The “chaos” lasted until the late afternoon,when the passengers had to return to the ship.


You could see them trying to get the last glimpse of the town.




Well, most of them…


The rope was let loose and the “floating town” was off again escorted by a few curious seagulls.  And in no time at all, the “giant” was just a speck in the distance…


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