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Caldeira velha and Lagoa do fogo

There is definitely no shortage of stunning natural scenery on the island of São Miguel. And when the weather cooperates, you simply have to grab a chance.It was a perfect day – you can’t ask for better! So, we took a taxi and for 50 euros we were able to visit two amazing places: Caldeira velha and Lagoa do fogo. First we went to Caldeira velha, which is actually on the way to Lagoa do Fogo from Ribeira Grande.

DSC02325DSC02479For only 2 euros, you can enjoy these natural pools and lush, green vegetation.DSC02434DSC02343DSC02464However, in this pool the water is too hot to swim.DSC02355DSC02361And if you look carefully, you will see many cute (and especially noisy) frogs.DSC02336DSC02444We spent about couple of hours in Caldeira Velha before heading off to Lagoa do fogo (FYI, this lake is the highest above sea level on the island). After many twists and turns and some breathtaking views, this is what we saw….DSC02576Just like us, even this dog seemed to be mesmerized by the volcanic lake. DSC02606



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