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The Christian Radich – a Norwegian full-rigged ship

You can come across some amazing ships in the marina of Horta. I read that it has space for 300 vessels, and is currently the fourth most visited ocean marina in the world. It is also interesting to know that it has held the European Blue Flag since 1987.

Today we visited the Christian Radich (, which is staying in Horta for a week.

The captain was very kind to accept us on board and show us around this magnificent vessel. We learnt that the ship was constructed in 1937 for training purposes, that it is 73 meters long and it can accept up to 130 people. Under engine power, the Christian Radich reaches a top speed of 10 knots, while it can make up to 14 knots under sail.


We saw different areas of the ship. This is the main helm.


DSC06604And this is the spare helm in case the other one breaks down.



The captain also showed us the interior of the ship.


This is the bridge of the ship from which the ship is commanded.


This is the VIP room, which the captain also uses as his office.


The dining room…


And we could see some interesting pictures and coats of arms on the walls…




We also learnt that all these ropes put together would create a line of 9km!!!



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