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Tres hombres -engineless sailing cargo ship

If you saw this vessel in the middle of the ocean, you would probably think that it is a pirate ship. But it is actually a fair trade sailing ship, owned by a Dutch company (Fairtransport). The idea is to sail cargo emission free, with a focus on transporting products which are organic, or crafted traditionally – such as olive oil, wine and rum.




There are 7 members of the crew and 5 trainees but they are looking for more people. So if you are interested…


Their aim is to raise awareness about the huge amount of pollution created by the modern shipping industry and show that there is a more ecological way to ship goods around the world.


We learnt that they are transporting 42 barrels of rum and cocoa powder from the Caribbean to the Netherlands.


There’s a kitchen…


But there’s no fridge on the ship.


There is only one toilet and there are no showers (that would be super hard for me!). You only get one bucket of water PER WEEK and that’s supposed to be your shower!


There’s no engine because Tres Hombres only uses wind power.



I wish all the crew a safe journey back to the Netherlands.




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