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The Eendracht – Dutch Sailing Beauty

Eendracht is a three-mast schooner, which has been in service since 1989 and it sails as a training vessel.


My boyfriend took these pics when the ship arrived in the marina of Horta.


Thanks to Leo (my boyfriend’s uncle) , we were able to visit this stunning ship. Bert, the machinist, patiently showed us around and answered all our questions.

Eendracht is a very comfortable ship with all modern conveniences that one can expect on board. The eight two-person cabins and the six four-person cabins are equipped with a washbasin with cold and warm water and private closet.


This is the bridge of the ship. As you can see, it is very modern and well-equipped. One screen is for the trainees and the other for the crew. Bert told us that they currently have trainees from Kazakhstan on board.


This is my favorite part of the ship. Wouldn’t it be a great place to have your morning coffee?


And this is what the ship looks like inside.

We also had a nice chat with the cook.  He told us that he once had to cook for 120 people.


This is the dayroom where you can eat or simply relax.


If I decided to sail around the world, I would definitely choose Eendracht.

DSC07529DSC07535DSC07553DSC07518Thank you Leo and thank you Bert for making this visit possible for us.

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  1. Ahoy Nataly,

    You’re welcome.
    I’m convinced you and Jeroen had a nice time on board of the Eendracht and I like it to be told it’ll be your first choise for sailing around the world.
    I suppose it’s caused by the same reasons that I feel like being home on board of the Eendracht.


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