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Windy days in Horta

After a couple of stormy days, we had a nice stroll in the sunshine. It was impossible to go out without sunglasses. DSC09164 I got splashed by a wave yesterday when taking the pic below. DSC09103 NRP António Enes, João Coutinho-class corvette arrived in the port of Horta today. There was a a series of corvettes built for the Portuguese Navy for service in Portugal’s African colonies. They constructed 6 corvettes in the 70s but only two of them remain in use. DSC09167 Mount Pico, which is the highest mountain in Portugal, was wearing a funny hat today. DSC09407DSC09389DSC09369DSC09336 And there was a layer of snow on its top. DSC09281 Porto Pim, where we love to go for a walk, was the south wind’s playground today. DSC09483DSC09465DSC09412DSC09410 The evening arrived quickly. It was time to say goodbye to another day…. DSC09416

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