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Month: April 2016


Leiria used to be one of Portugal’s most important towns, but these days, life in Leiria is calm. The old town is focused on the Praça Rodrigues Lobo, with many […]


The list is long but I’ll give you a few examples: Croatia has Dubrovnik, Czech Republic has Znojmo, Estonia for instance has Tallinn… while Portugal has Óbidos. The town remains a well-preserved […]

Peniche in Portugal

First of all, I would like to tell you that I’m really not happy with my pics this time. I was even wondering whether I should publish this post. This […]

The seven skirts of Nazaré

In the old days (but not that long ago), the women of Nazaré would sit on the beach in cold, wet and windy conditions and wait for their husbands or […]

An old tradition in Nazaré

If you stroll along the seafront in Nazaré, you will meet some old women selling dried fish. You can also see the fish drying in the sun… Many of these women are widows.Traditionally, if […]


Alcobaça is definitely worth a visit if you are traveling to Central Portugal. The town is mainly known for its Cistercian monastery, which was the first fully Gothic building and the largest church of any style in […]


Coimbra is one of those towns where you feel good. It’s neither too big nor too small, there’s culture, there are nice cafés and restaurants, people are friendly….and there is seemingly […]

The biggest waves in the world

I always do some research before booking our next “home”. All the articles I read about Nazaré said that it was small but pretty and that it was well-known for the biggest waves in […]

The Monastery of Batalha

  I like Nazaré for many reasons but I also like it because from here you can go to many other places.  There are some interesting towns around, there is nature…. and there […]

Nazaré in Portugal

Nazaré is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Portugal and you shouldn’t confuse it with Nazareth in Israel. The town consists of three neighbourhoods: Praia (along the beach), Sítio (an old village, on top […]

Hiking on São Jorge

Now, here’s the thing – there’s no poetry or prose to describe this place. It would be like describing a sunset to a blind person (this is what my Scottish […]

Hiking on Pico

It was a perfect day for hiking so we went to the island of Pico. The volcano was wearing one of its funny hats. This was a stunning path but […]

Velas on São Jorge

If you let me talk about the Azores, I just won’t stop. And I especially won’t stop repeating that they are stunning, gorgeous, fantastic…. The town of Velas ranks high […]

Fajã da Caldeira do Santo Cristo

São Jorge in the Azores is the island of fajãs. The fajãs are small plains originally created by lava or landslides and there are over 40 on São Jorge. We visited the Fajã da Caldeira do […]

Bye bye Horta and Faial

It’s time to move on…. so bye bye Horta. I’ll miss you! But if I ever had to put down roots someplace, I would definitely want to come and live […]