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Velas on São Jorge

If you let me talk about the Azores, I just won’t stop. And I especially won’t stop repeating that they are stunning, gorgeous, fantastic….

The town of Velas ranks high on my list: it is extremely neat, well-organized and it has a few impressive buildings.


This is the port where the ferry arrives.


These are just some of the marvelous buildings I saw…


And I certainly didn’t expect such a cute park!


What a great place to come for a chat… What could these men be talking about?


And the local mermaid watching over the port….


For those who are into dragons… my Chinese sign! Any other dragons out there?


Unfortunately, it was time to take the ferry… But Velas, I’ll be back…



    • Thanks! This one is much bigger than the one in Copenhagen… I just thought that it was unfair that nobody knows about this one so I decided to take a pic… I also found it beautiful. Take care and have fun whatever you do!

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