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The biggest waves in the world

I always do some research before booking our next “home”. All the articles I read about Nazaré said that it was small but pretty and that it was well-known for the biggest waves in the world. But you know what it’s like – you read about things, you say to yourself: Oh, yes, that must be amazing! The thing is, reading about places and seeing them with your own eyes are two VERY different things.

So, we went for a walk in the afternoon. As it was a sunny day, the colors really lit up the ocean. And this is what I saw – massive, gigantic waves crashing against the cliffs. I felt like a pauper in a palace. It was visual, it was loud, my face and my hair are still full of salt… but my world – it was beautiful!



Look at this force, this power of nature…


DSC06990 2

I saw these people trying to take a closer pic but they didn’t see the wave behind them…so they got splashed.

Sometimes the waves travelled so far that they almost reached the street. Praia (the sandy beach) was flooded.

Later in the afternoon, we took the Nazaré Funicular and went to the lighthouse, built on a small fort on the furthermost promontory of a cliff, where you can observe the giant waves. Now, that’s something that you should see once in your life.


And if you are brave enough, you can go down a narrow staircase and get a closer look of the waves. I did it. It can be a bit scary and overwhelming but it is also truly SPECTACULAR!!!



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