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Alcobaça is definitely worth a visit if you are traveling to Central Portugal.



The town is mainly known for its Cistercian monastery, which was the first fully Gothic building and the largest church of any style in Portugal.


And inside the monastery, you can find the tombs of two unlucky lovers. The story of Inês de Castro and Dom Pedro is one of the most beautiful and tragic love stories of all time. Pedro and Inês fell in love, but this was a forbidden love, as Inês was Spanish and  Portugal didn’t want to have a Spanish queen. As a result, Pedro’s father, King Afonso IV, decided to have Inês murdered…

There is a fascinating cloister and there are so many interesting details to take in…

And the fountain… of course!


At some point, we were all alone in the cloister… The rain had chased all the visitors away.


On the way back, we had another little walk around the town… And I really liked these two houses!









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