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The list is long but I’ll give you a few examples: Croatia has Dubrovnik, Czech Republic has Znojmo, Estonia for instance has Tallinn… while Portugal has Óbidos. The town remains a well-preserved example of medieval architecture; its streets, its squares, its walls and, of course, its castle. And if you ask a Portuguese person what to visit in Portugal, almost invariably the answer will be: Go to Óbidos! After visiting the town, I can tell you that I agree with them.

This is the Porta da Vila, which was the main gate of the town. Its traditional azulejos tiles depict the Passion of Christ.


Óbidos is very small and it can be seen in an afternoon. The whole town is surrounded by the solid city walls.The best way to see the town is to walk on the walls.

DSC09254DSC09267DSC09367I really liked this church that was turned into a bookshop. DSC09227And we had a delicious lunch with a flower on the top.

There are lots of charming houses and streets but I wouldn’t want to come here in summer. It must be packed with tourists!DSC09482DSC09401DSC09389

DSC09419DSC09463The castle now houses a magnificent pousada (pousadas are traditional or historical hotels in Portugal). Who wouldn’t want to have a meal or a drink by that window?DSC09247



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