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Bye-bye Nazaré and Portugal

The time has come to say goodbye to this lovely fishing town. I would like to share with you some random photos that I took during our stay in Nazaré.


I saw this girl reading. Wouldn’t you want to come and read here?


Some of my favorite buildings…

The Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Nazaré….  with its exquisite tiles.

This is where we had our last dinner. “Pangeia” ( has an amazing view over Nazaré. The food was lavish and absolutely delicious,  the price was affordable and Julia (the waitress) was very welcoming and friendly.

And the unforgettable sunsets…


Thank you Joao for renting us your beautiful flat and thank you Zezé for being so helpful during our stay in Nazaré.


  1. Hi Nataly! Love your photos! I came across your post as I was researching Nazaré as our next possible destination. We are a digital nomad family ( and set off on our nomadic life in June. I’d love to ask you a few questions about Nazaré. Could I email you? or you could reach out to us .. 🙂

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