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Greetings from Wismar in Germany

This is our new hometown for the next few weeks. Why did we choose Wismar? We like discovering new places. Having lived in the big cities like London, Paris or Budapest, my boyfriend and I are now more into smaller towns. And we’re always looking for new destinations. We have everything planned until November but we haven’t decided where to go after that. If there is a good, comfortable flat to rent for a month or a couple of months (somewhere nice and safe on this planet), please let me know. We were thinking of going to Taiwan, or Japan, or wherever actually….And very important, we need an excellent Internet connection (otherwise no income for both of us). We are clean, polite, respectful and friendly guests.


But, let’s talk about Wismar. This post is about Wismar after all.


Wismar is a port and Hanseatic city in Northern Germany on the Baltic Sea. It has about 40,000 inhabitants and it was included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 2002.


I’m already in love with this place. It reminds me of Riga in Latvia (which is one of my favorite towns) and everything is so neat, pretty and well organized.


There are so many details around that attract my attention…

Wismar is like Disneyland for adults…but then a million times better.


Look at these facades! They look like birthday cakes…


And we’ve been really lucky with the weather….


Auf Wiedersehen! What a pity that I can’t speak German!



  1. What a lovely old city! Like in a fairy tale.
    How wonderful the internet allows you to travel anywhere and work from your laptops. Do you mind my asking what is your work? Are you travel writers or some other IT type job? Curious how you manage it!


  2. Taiwan is an interesting place, super friendly people and better Internet than in the UK or Germany. It has many wonderful temples although most ‘architecture’ consists of corrugated roofs and bathroom tiled buildings, except in modern city high-rise areas. Inland the landscape is really spectacular and there are plenty of egrets too;)

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  3. Good luck learning German – I’ve been trying for 5 years, and still don’t know when to use der, die or das!


    • I know. German is really hard to learn. Well, we’re only staying here for a month but it would be nice to have a basic conversation. I learnt it at school but that was ages ago…


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