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Rostock – A Town Rich in History and Culture

Rostock is a town of many interesting monuments, beautiful gabled houses, great churches and impressive gates. In 2018, this seaside town will celebrate its 800th anniversary.


Many monuments were built in the typical brick gothic style. As stones used to be a rare resource in the North, people started to use bricks. This reddish color contributed to the style of architecture Germany’s North is so famous for.

There’s a surprise around every corner in Rostock. A blend of old and new…


I especially liked St. Mary’s church, which is the biggest church in Rostock. The church has so many symbols that I could write ten blog posts about it.

This is the Great Organ, which houses 5,700 pipes of 83 stops within a baroque case, playable on four manuals and pedals.


And this is the Astronomical Clock, the most famous symbol in the church.


The astronomical clock was built in 1472 by Hans Düringer, a clockmaker from Nuremberg.  This medieval clock is the only one of its kind still in working condition with its original clockworks.DSC03280DSC03282DSC03281



  1. St. Mary’s church and the astronomical clock look really fascinating. Even I’m feeling like taking it away for myself !! 😀 Did you visit Warnemünde? Its very close from Rostock and has a spectacular lighthouse. Maybe I’ll be able to visit it sometime.

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    • Hi there! That astronomical clock is really something. Have you ever visited Rostock? Oh, I’ve just checked the pics of that lighthouse. It looks stunning! We may decide to visit it before we leave. In any case, we are going to go to Güstrow next week. Cheers, N

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