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Ludwigslust Castle – the Joy of Every Traveller

Back in the 18th century, before you and I, or even our great-grandparents were born, there lived Prince Christian Ludwig, the son of the Duke of Schwerin. And the Prince had an idea – he wanted to have his own hunting lodge. You can imagine that the Duke wanted to satisfy his son’s every whim and pleasure.

Ludwigslust was originally built as a hunting lodge. It was later rebuilt as a luxurious retreat from the ducal capital, Schwerin (check the previous posts), and then became for a time (1765–1837) the center of government.

At the time, Christian Ludwig was only a prince but even when he became duke in 1747, he spent most of his time at Ludwigslust, which translates as, the Joy of Ludwig.



This is the restaurant, which is situated on the ground floor of the castle. The Duke probably wouldn’t have been happy to see me having my coffee and a (delicious) strawberry cake in my muddy hiking shoes! My apologies…


We also had a walk in the peaceful park of the castle…


… and were surprised by some time-machine travelers…


Then we had a walk around the town where we saw some very picturesque streets.


And the post office…


This is the Stadtkirche , built in Neoclassical style. Absolutely worth seeing!



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