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Teterow – quaint and interesting

Situated in the center of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Teterow is a quaint little German town with an old-world charm and a very interesting history.


There are two remaining gates of the ancient city wall: the 14th-century Malchiner Tor (today the seat of the museum of local history), and the Rostocker Tor (below, which is leading to Rostock).


The Marktplatz (Market Square), with the Town Hall, was built in 1910 in Neo-Baroque style.


The Stadtkirche St. Peter und Paul (St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church), was constructed in 1215 in Gothic and Late Romanesque style.

This is the fire station museum, which was unfortunately closed that day.


In front of the fire station musem, there is a small lake with swans. I was delighted to see these cygnets.


This old watermill was turned into quite a chic restaurant. I must say that I really enjoyed their white tomato soup, which was absolutely scrumptious! (


One of the many beautiful town houses we passed along the way.


These, on the other hand, are the typical lakeside holiday houses in the region.


These photos were taken in the area that is part of the Mecklenburg Switzerland. 


After visiting Teterow, we went to Burgwall Island situated in the north east of the town on the Teterow Lake. The island is known for its Pre-Christian Slavic burgh founded in the 8th century. Burgwall Island is accessed by the Teterower See Ferry or a cable ferry. We chose the second option.

The Teterow Lake is part of the Mecklenburg Switzerland and Lake Kummerow Nature Park.


I was just inches away from this beautiful dragonfly but it seemed too busy to notice me …so I took a few nice photos…


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