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Güstrow – a place to visit

Güstrow is the seventh largest town in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.


The name Güstrow comes from the Polabian Guščerov and it means: lizard place (although I didn’t see a single lizard!)

This is the post office…


… and a beautiful old letter box where I sent my postcards.DSC06336

However, Güstrow is especially known for its  renaissance castle.


Who wouldn’t want to have such a garden?


I was especially impressed by the ceiling in this room. There were so many interesting details…


In the vicinity of the castle, there is quite a big lake where you can rent a rowing boat for 6 euros per hour. From our little boat, we could see some fine houses.


And we really enjoyed our walk around the lake. It was a perfect day trip!



    • He he! Follow the yellow brick blog… I’ve always wanted to find that yellow brick road – the wizard’s land! But I’ve realized that there are also many magical places on this side of the rainbow… This part of Germany is one of them. And I’ll try to find many other hidden gems and will share them with you. Happiness is to be shared otherwise it’s not fun. Have a great day ahead Eliza!

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