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Wrocław – 2016 European Capital of Culture

When I first visited Wrocław a couple of years ago, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t want to read about it too much because I wanted to be surprised. And I was not only surprised – I was enchanted! So, I decided to go back.

Just to give you some basic info – Wrocław lies in the middle of the Silesian Lowland, where the Oder River branches out to form 12 islands. The town is spanned by more than 100 bridges, which is why it looks like a city on the water.

The heart of Wrocław is the Market Square, one of the most beautiful and largest urban squares in Poland.


This is the Town Hall (the Ratusz) – the main landmark of the town.

DSC08342The town seen from above if you are fit enough to climb narrow spiral stairs… (btw my boyfriend took this photo)DSC08537It was a beautiful sunny day and there were many people on the main square (the Rynek).DSC08405These are Wrocław’s dwarfs. They first appeared in 2001 and you can find them all over the town.

Some amazing doors…

And this is my favorite street…

DSC08485DSC08478DSC08475Wrocław is full of stunning buildings, cute streets, intriguing details…DSC08732DSC08746… and extraordinary churches. But, I’ll tell you more about this fabulous town in my next post…DSC08683DSC08678


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