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Toruń – the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus

I could list many reasons why you should visit Toruń in North Poland – unspoilt medieval architecture (which is why the town was awarded the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Status in 1997), Nicolaus Copernicus’s house, cobbled streets or gingerbread cookies (pierniki)…

One thing is sure – this beautiful Gothic town on the Vistula should be high on every traveller’s list.


Toruń is especially known as the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus (1473–1543).  He was born in Sw. Anny Street and you can pay a visit to the house where he lived (see below). However, the street was later renamed to bear his name.

Just to remind you, he is the guy who stopped the Sun and put the Earth in motion.
Luckily, Toruń was almost completely untouched during the World Wars, so as you stroll around the town, you will see some of the country’s best medieval buildings. Actually, it seems that wherever you look, there is an extraordinary building.

DSC09379Here are some details that caught my attention…DSC09278

I really like these small wooden figurines, which you can also find in the windows of various buildings.

Some beautiful letterboxes…

And some amazing doors… In any case, there is always something to keep your camera busy.

This is the Star House, which is one of the most sumptuous and best preserved Baroque patrician houses in Central and Northern Europe. It owes its name to the golden star mounted on top of its gable. The present-day facade dates back to the end of the 17th century when it was decorated with lavish Baroque ornaments of stucco flowers, fruit, shells and grasses.


Inside, you’ll find a spacious hall with the spiral staircase from 1697 adorned with the figures of Minerva and a lion.DSC09124

This is the room on the first floor of the Star House.


Polish churches are always worth a visit. I find that they provide the ideal atmosphere for reflection.


And if you visit this marvelous town, I would definitely recommend Gessler Restauracja u Kucharzy. Their food is typically Polish made of fresh ingredients and it is prepared next to you

DSC09059I rarely take black and white photos but here is one of the train station in Toruń…DSC09386



  1. I have been to Poland but from your articles, it seems that I have to go back because I missed many nice cities and attractions 😍😍 thanks for these nice articles 😉

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