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The Botanical Garden in Poznan

The Botanical Garden is a research and teaching division of Adam Mickiewicz University. It was officially opened on 13 September 1925. The Garden covers an area of 22 hectares and it contains over 7,000 varieties of plants from almost every kind of climate and ecosystem in the world.

The Garden includes several greenhouses and a two-storey exhibition pavilion with a gallery, shop and café.


There are several collections such as the Rare and Endangered Plant Section, the Colourful Section or the Dendrological Collections. My favorite was the Alpine Garden, which covers 0.6 ha. I read that about 3000 tons of rock material were used for its construction, creating an elevation of nearly 10m.


The little girl seemed to be particularly interested in the ballerina fountain designed by Margaret Węcławska (a graduate of the Poznan Academy of Fine Arts).

There were many many butterflies flying around me but it wasn’t always easy to photograph them…

Some interesting-looking insects…


And all sorts of flowers…


This lady definitely had a good idea… What was she reading? A crime novel? A love story? Hmm…


The Garden is impeccably maintained and it is free of charge!!!

There were some funny rubbish bins…

This squirrel came to say hello but it didn’t want to pose for too long so I had to be quick…



    • Yes, you wouldn’t expect it but Poland has some beautiful botanical gardens. I’ve already told you – you should visit Poland one day. You would love it here! I hope you are well. Take care 🙂


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