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Kórnik – a marvelous trip through time

If you fancy a necklace made of human teeth, a mask crafted from human bone or a French pedal harp with strings made from animal intestines… Or if you simply feel like visiting an unknown but marvellous castle, then come to Kórnik.


Originally built at the end of the 14th century by the Górka family, the castle has been extensively remodeled over the centuries.


Unlike many stately homes in this part of the world, Kórnik missed the destruction of WW2.



Of particular interest are the exquisite parquet floors and the upstairs room in the style of the Alhambra Palace.


Outside the castle, you can visit the Arboretum. The fifty hectare site serves as a marvellous walk with numerous protected species and trees from as far away as China.


Beside the castle and the Arboretum, there is, of course, the town of Kórnik. The town’s main attraction is the neo-Baroque Town Hall, now serving as the seat of local government.

And you can have a stroll around the Kórnik Lake, which is situated only a minute walk from the main square.


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