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Greetings from Vienna

After Jelenia Gora and Poland, Vienna is our new home away from home. This is where we’ll be staying for a month.

Moving from one country to another can be quite strenuous but we had a smooth move this time. We found a private company that provides door-to-door transfers for a modest amount of money (35 euros per person). The van was air-conditioned and very comfortable although the journey took more than 8 hours.

Why Vienna, you may ask. Well, for various reasons. We’re normally NOT keen on staying in big towns but Vienna is not as busy as some other European capitals like Paris or London. By that I mean that you won’t have to queue for hours to get in a museum or rub up against a stranger’s arm while savouring your cake and coffee. The crowds are mainly around St Stephen’s Cathedral but if you move just a little bit further away from the main square, you’ll easily get away from selfie sticks, fake Mozarts and noisy tourists. And, you’ll actually be sharing the pavement with Austrians!

Vienna is packed with interesting things to see. However, I associate it with the New Year’s Concerts (and Zubin Mehta!), the Blue Danube Waltz and… with PEZ – the peppermint candy. I loved PEZ when I was a kid. Remember the PEZ dispensers? I used to collect them and exchange them with friends at school.

Strangely, I also associate the town with snow globes. Did you know that the original snow globe was invented here in Vienna in 1900? If there is enough space in my suitcase, I’ll definitely buy one (READ: I won’t buy any because my suitcase is absolutely packed).

So, here are some photos for you, just to give you a little taste of the town. And stay tuned for more…






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