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Imperial Butterfly House in Vienna – a magical place for all ages!

Built during the Art Nouveau period, the Schmetterlinghaus (the Imperial Butterfly House) is situated right in the heart of Vienna. The house features up to 400 live tropical butterflies which come from suppliers in Costa Rica, Belize, Surinam, Thailand and the Philippines.


The Butterfly House is open all year round no matter how cold it is outside. It’s actually quite hot inside so you shouldn’t overdress. The temperature is about 26°C with about 80% humidity. The glass structure of the building offers maximum natural light, important for all the plants and butterflies in the house. It’s like a small jungle really…


And their butterflies are stunning!


My boyfriend took the photos of these two beauties. They were too fast for me!

You see them everywhere and sometimes you have to be careful not to step on them.

I also saw this funny-looking insect.


We spent about two hours inside. But you know, I wouldn’t mind going back!




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