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Zubin Mehta and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s concert in the Musikverein

Last Friday I was lucky to attend Zubin Mehta and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s concert in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein. The concert hall was packed and not a single seat was left empty. And to my amateur ear, the concert was extraordinary.

Zubin Mehta, who recently turned 80, is considered one of the greatest conductors in the world. He is the Music Director for Life of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the Main Conductor for Valencia’s opera house. Mehta is also the chief conductor of Maggio Musicale Fiorentino  festival. Mr Mehta is known around the world his flamboyant, vigorous and forceful style of conducting.


I first heard of him in 1990 when he conducted the legendary Three Tenors concerts. The concert was an enormous success, with a worldwide television audience and huge record sales.


The concert I attended last Friday was held in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein which is considered one of the finest concert halls in the world due to highly regarded acoustics.

dsc04803dsc04707The Hall has 1,744 seats and standing room for 300 and it is the venue for the annual Vienna New Year’s Concert. This concert is now broadcast to over 90 countries around the world. It presents a program consisting of the lively and at the same time nostalgic music from the vast repertoire of the family of Johann Strauss and its contemporaries.

Generally, the tickets for the New Year’s Concert are not offered on sale like other tickets. You have to apply for the tickets and keep your fingers crossed that you get selected.


The Muskiverein is the home to the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra and it is the place where artists like Richard Wagner, Johannes Brahms, Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss and many others performed.

The tickets are generally very expensive but you can also get a standing place ticket for 6 euros. It’s perhaps not the best option but at least you’ll get the chance to visit the magnificent Golden Hall.



  1. 6 Euros is a steal, even if you have to stand! 😉 I listen to the New Year’s concert annually, so I’m glad to see the details of this stunning concert hall. Wow, it surpasses anything I could have imagined. Thanks for sharing it, Nataly.

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