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Guandu Nature Park and Guandu Temple

Guandu Nature Park opened in 2001 under the control of the Wild Bird Society of Taipei. According to my guide book, it has over 100 species of birds, 150 species of plants and 800 species of animals.


Unfortunately, I only saw about 5 species of birds  but we saw some other interesting creatures.

We saw turtles…


Some beautiful flowers…




And a few (but very very few) birds…

These two were playing hide-and-seek… Poor buffalo had difficulty to hide!


On the way to the temple, we had a pleasant walk around Guandu and had a short chat with the lady working in the pet shop…


Guandu Temple is one of the Taipei’s oldest. It was built into the side of a mountain and it’s the most extraordinary temple we’ve seen so far!


If you climb all the way up, there is a fantastic view of the Tamsui riverscape.


It’s also a wonderful place to come and relax… and perhaps get inspired!



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