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Sandiaoling Waterfall Trail

Sandiaoling Waterfall Trail is not that well-known even among locals. When we told our hosts about the trail, they had no clue where that was. And yet, the trail is situated only an hour by train from Taipei. My boyfriend and I were quite bemused by the fact that the train station is situated right in the middle of nowhere.

There’s an underground passage that allows you to cut through the railway tracks to the other side. We continued walking until we saw a school ahead (Sandiaoling Elementary) which marks the beginning of the trail.


We encountered very few people on our hike although it was a beautiful sunny day.


There are several waterfalls along the trail but we only saw one because it was already getting quite late and we didn’t want to end up walking in the dark.


We also crossed some beautiful bridges…

…and later on in the evening we visited the village. It may not look that nice in the photos but it’s actually really cute.


And I really liked this gate. Isn’t it fabulous?



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