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Greetings from Riga

In 2011 I visited Riga for the first time and I instantly fell in love with it. My boyfriend and I spent a long weekend wandering around the town and we just couldn’t get enough of it. So, we decided to come back to Riga, and here we are again!


One of my friends would say that Riga is like Disneyland for adults. It’s stunning, it teems with all kinds of legends, its art nouveau architecture will blow your mind, and it’s packed with great restaurants and cafés.

And let me tell you this  – I don’t work for the Latvian Tourist Office and I have no connections with Latvia either. But I do love Riga! My friends will tell you that I always talk about the Latvian capital.





Now, you may wonder – where’s Riga? Where’s actually Latvia? It’s up north (unless you live in Norway, or Finland or Sweden…or perhaps in Greenland) and it’s NOT an Eastern European country (which is what most people think!).

Latvia is one of the three Baltic countries (besides Lithuania and Estonia) and it’s a member country of the European Union.


Latvians, of course, speak Latvian and many people here speak Russian too – and thank God that most Latvians speak English! Latvian sounds beautiful but you cannot understand a thing! I’ve been trying to teach myself how to say a few basic sentences (just to be polite you know!) but Latvian is tough!

As you can see, I uploaded a few pics for you. If I had enough space on WordPress, I would probably add a photo of every single building in Riga. They’re all stunning in my humble opinion!



Model ships entirely made of amber. Don’t ask the price!

Spring hasn’t arrived in this part of the world yet. But who cares! This Baltic beauty is exquisite in all seasons!



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