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Saulkrasti in Latvia

Latvia is full of surprises. Its architecture, its food but also its nature. And yet, do you know many people who go on holiday to Latvia? I don’t. I don’t even know many people who know where Latvia is.

So, if you do decide to go to Latvia, remember this name – Saulkrasti. Because it’s gorgeous! It’s about 40km away from the capital and you can easily reach it by train. Trains in Latvia are cheap, a ride will cost you about EUR 1.50. And there’s no difference in price if you buy your ticket the last moment or a month in advance.

We didn’t get off in Saulkrasti but we got off in Inčupe. The train station is situated in the middle of nowhere, but that’s the whole charm of it.


You’ll need to cross the forest to get to the beach. It’s a beautiful forest and you’ll see many ant houses. How on earth do such tiny creatures manage to create such tall houses?


Inčupe is a river. It’s got a funny color – it’s looks like a tea river.


And eventually, we reached the sand dunes and the beach. What a sight! This is where we saw Inčupe (tea river) merging with the Baltic Sea.



We really had to remind ourselves that we were not in some tropical country but up north in Latvia.

The weather was simply stunning and we even dipped our toes in the sea. There was hardly anyone.


But we saw many seagulls and crows on our stroll. You see, not only humans leave their footprints in the sand.


We also walked through the forest…


It got a bit windy at some point. It looked as if the sea got goose pimples.


We basically spent the whole afternoon on that beach just walking around, looking for the empty shells and observing the waves on their journey across the sea…


The only thing is, we didn’t check the train schedule so we had to wait from 7.40pm until 10.12pm for the train. There wasn’t a single bar open in Saulkrasti and there were no buses either. And it started to rain so there was nowhere to sit while waiting for the train.

So, make sure you check the train schedule when visiting this marvelous place in Latvia. I would definitely recommend it!





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