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The Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk – don’t miss it at any cost!

In my humble opinion, a visit of Latvia is not complete without going to the Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk.

It’s only an hour away from Riga (remember those cheap bus tickets in Latvia?) and it will sweep you off your feet.

Once you get off the bus and cross a busy road (which may be a bit of a challenge), a path will take you past the graveyard and through the magnificent forest…


… and you’ll get to the wooden trail and the Great Kemeri Bog.  This is where your heart will skip a beat… You’ll wonder: Am I really in that small unknown country in the north of Europe? You just don’t expect such a landscape in Latvia. Then you’ll start taking photos and you’ll feel that you just cannot stop.


And guess what! You can also go up the observation tower – that’s where your eyes will be treated to a stunning panorama. So many bog pools in all the nuances of blue, so many tiny islands and peninsulas creating a unique maze of water surfaces.DSC07768DSC07780DSC07781

There are two options. You can take a small boardwalk arc (about 1.5 km) or the great arc (about 3.5km).  Just go for the longer trail! Otherwise you’ll miss the observation tower and that would be a real pity!


Latvia has it all – if the weather cooperates of course!


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