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Jurmala – beach, sea and amazing villas!

Do you want to know how jetsetters live in Latvia? Then come and discover Jurmala. But Jurmala is not only one place – it actually consists of 14 townships.

We visited the township of Majori. Apparently, this is where you go when you want to be seen (not if you wear old jeans and hiking shoes like me!)


The weather was stunning (hurray!!!), which was perfect for a nice stroll along the beach…


A mother and her child were feeding seagulls… They were soon surrounded by a whole flock of birds…


Apart from this boy… He wanted to cool his feet down.


Jurmala is also famous for its villas. Wow! You must see them!


And just before we left, we wanted to see the sunset. It’s DEFINITELY worth the wait!




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