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Bye-bye Saaremaa

We left Saaremma a few days ago but my boyfriend and I keep on talking about it. Saaremaa is such a beautiful, peaceful island. And we met some wonderful people like Merit who works at the gym and with whom we had some great chats. We do hope to see you again! And we also met a lovely lovely couple, Madis and Merlyn who showed us around the island. We will never forget your kindess and all the magnificent places you made us discover.

These are the places that I’ll definitely remember:

  1. Kaali Field of Meteorite Craters.


2) Sõrve Lighthouse. There is also a very informative museum where you can learn about the lighthouses on the island.


3) Observation towers. They are everywhere on the island – a perfect place for birdwatchers!


4) Pidula – one of my favorite places on Saaremaa.


5) Mihkli Museum. It is a farm typical to West-Saaremaa, with many architectural sights.

6) Nature Museum where you can learn about nests, birds, insects and all kinds of animals.

7) Karujärv – the oldest lake on Saaremaa, which is almost 8000 years old.


9) St. Martins Church of Valjala, which was built in the 13th century. And it’s still standing!


10) A gorgeous café in Ohessaare. The mill in the photo is also a hotel. Check their website for more info:


11) Aneseküla Teelistemaja – another fantastic place. Just check their Facebook pageüla-Teelistemaja-767067393326455/


12) So many meadows and they are huge…


13) And of course, many flowers. You sometimes find them in the most unusual places!

14) “Avenues” of cut wood – a common sight on the island…


15) We really enjoyed our stay in Kuressaare. It was simply perfect. I’ll tell you something – I so much love this country and its language that I started to learn Estonian. So, we’ll be back soon…

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