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Greetings from Tromsø in Norway

I’m sitting in our small (read: the cheapest in town because Norway is hideously expensive!) but cute apartment, looking out of the window. I see many patches of snow on the mountains and some interesting cloud formations. It’s almost midnight but you would think that it’s about 4pm. That’s because we’re in Tromsø, some 400km north of the Artic Circle.

Tromsø is a nightless town at this time of the year. The sun literally doesn’t go down from 19 May to 27 July, which means that you can go hiking in the middle of the night. That’s at least what we are planning to do during our stay here.


I’m wearing a long-sleeved top and a sweater despite the heating being on. It’s the first day of summer but the temperature is only 7°C (44,6°F). If you check on the map how high up we are, it’s hardly surprising at all.

We really like it here. It’s just so different. People walk around in their sport outfits and everyone seems so sporty. There are many cruise ships, salmon restaurants, fake polar bear statues (as if polar bears lived in Tromsø), a huge amount of souvenir shops and… the fascinating fjords. We took the cable car the other day and every other word we uttered was WOW! Now I’ll stop writing and will upload some photos. Then you’ll understand what I mean…




  1. It’s like here in Finland. Sun doesn’t (really) sets at mid summer time. Now it have already begun to set much more visibly. I can see the difference right when August came. The dark nights came back.

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