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300 cuddly huskies and a good coffee

It only takes about 25 minutes to get to the Villmarksenter from Tromsø.

This is where you get off. You may need to ask the driver in advance because there’s no proper bus stop there.


Actually, there is a bus stop but on the other side of the road. That’s what you’ll need to know when going back to Tromsø.


You climb up the road and after a couple of minutes you’ll get to the farm. When you hear the dogs barking, you’ll know that you’ve arrived.


300 huskies will meet you there and they’ll be more than happy to have a cuddle. You don’t need to be afraid – they’re all super friendly…

DSC01374DSC01468DSC01551DSC01574And funny…DSC01577They’ll be happy to pose for you! DSC01592DSC01621The surroundings are absolutely magical and the employees will be thrilled to show you around.DSC01632

You can also watch a short, but very interesting and fascinating documentary about Ms Tove Sørensen who set up the center in 1988. You will learn about her passion for dogs and her long dog sledding experience (for dog sledding you’ll have to come in winter!). It is important to mention that she runs the center with her son Torkil.

It’s a very cosy cinema which was designed in the style of Sami people.


And, that’s not all! You can also meet the puppies and play with them. They seem to like shoelaces so make sure you don’t put some fancy shoes on!


One other thing! There’s a nice café at the center where you can treat yourself to a coffee and a home-made cake!

For more info, check their website


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  1. Hi, we have visited the center June 29th, 2017. It was absolutely amazing. My favorite is “Nilen”, a beautiful male dog with eyes killing me softly.
    I am thinking about coming back in winter to see the dogs working in snow.
    Martina from Germany

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