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Bye-bye Tromsø and Norway

We left Norway a few weeks ago, but I was too busy to write a new post. So here’s my selection of photos …

DSC06740DSC08264DSC08268A great café…DSC03644DSC02253DSC02236This is where I swam in the Arctic Ocean. Don’t ask me how cold it was!!!DSC02035

DSC02168DSC02110DSC02089DSC02072DSC02069DSC02062DSC01971DSC01893DSC01055DSC00801DSC00752An unusual meeting…DSC03508DSC03537DSC02748DSC02195Colourful letterboxes…DSC08216Artwork in Tromsø…DSC02506DSC03739And our street…DSC07903

Norway was fantastic! We really hope to go back one day…

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