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Fokarium in Hel

I must admit that it sounds weird to ask for two tickets to Hel. But Polish Hel (both the town and the peninsula) is, believe me, quite a charming place: a long sandy beach, pleasant streets lined with shops and good (and inexpensive!) restaurants, a 40m-high lighthouse dating from 1827…. and the Fokarium.


Fokarium opened in 1999. It consists of a complex of three seawater swimming pools, several small pools (for young and rehabilitated seals), a didactic and laboratory building with a museum exhibition (Baltic mammals), a small cinema and windows to observe the seals. And all this for a modest fee of 5 zł (EUR 1.25)

The facility runs, among others, scientific activity aimed at recreating the colony of grey seals and their protection against the threats in the Polish Baltic Sea. You can visit this marvellous place from 9am – 4pm, and in summer almost until sunset.




For more info (and if you speak Polish), check their official website: 


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