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Far away in the Faroe Islands…

I tried hard not to check too many photos on the Internet before booking our stay in the Faroe Islands. I read quite a lot of articles (including the inevitable Wikipedia page) but I only clicked on a few pictures to get an idea of where we were going. For two reasons: first of all, because I wanted to be surprised, and, second, because photos can be misleading. You can say the same thing about my photos, but then again, my photos are the representation of how I see the world.

Most people know so little about this far-flung archipelago. To tell you the truth, I myself was one of them – and not that long ago.

We arrived here a week ago and we’ve already been on four hikes. This blog is about our hike from Klaksvik (the second largest town in the Faroe) to Mt.Klakkur. To get there, we took the bus 400 from the bus station in Tórshavn.

DSC09565DSC09567The views from the bus were absolutely extraordinary.

DSC09577The weather was quite good when we arrived in Klaksvik so we immediately started the hike.

DSC09850I saw many of these flowers along the way. I wouldn’t know their name but I found them very pretty.

DSC09810The path was quite steep, and at times even difficult. But we made it.

DSC09782DSC09591The wind was merciless up there. At some point it was so strong that I had to sit down. And I was terribly cold! I could hardly manipulate my camera. Besides, the fog was so thick that it was hard to make out what was in front of us. But when it cleared up, the views were breathtaking! DSC09639DSC09674DSC09721We must have spent about an hour on Mt.Klakkur. When our fingers got completely numb with cold, we decided that it was time to go back to Klaksvik. On the way down, we were treated to a superb panoramic view of the town.

DSC09874And another picture of Klaksvik – with the trampoline this time (a very popular activity in the Faroe Islands!)

DSC09885We also saw these chickens hiding from the wind.

DSC09860Some houses were really neat and beautiful…

DSC09894One of the main streets in Klaksvik…DSC09904Check the sheep horns above the door…

DSC09899Klaksvik in the evening hours…

DSC09906DSC09911And it was time to take the bus again. As you can imagine, I was happy to have a seat by the window…



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