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Suðuroy has it all…

I could give you a long list of reasons why I love the Faroe Islands.

One of them is that you can travel around the islands by helicopter. How cool is that! And the price is truly budget-friendly – a one-way ticket will cost you only DKK 215.

It takes about 30 minutes to go from Torshavn to Suðuroy. And if you’re lucky enough (i.e. if the weather cooperates), you will have some amazing views. There are 15 seats in total. The best, of course, is a window seat.


The island of Suðuroy is… I don’t know how to describe it! You cannot describe such places…


Nope, these are not black socks. What you see is the dried pilot whale meat – a common sight on the islands. Apparently it’s really good! Well, I’m vegetarian so…


If you fancy a good cappuccino and a home-made cake, go to Café MorMor. For more info, check their Facebook page:


There are no natural forests on the islands, but there are a few plantations… They’re actually quite beautiful!


The crepuscular rays – just to add a touch of magic…


In the evening, we left the village of Tvøroyri and climbed up the hills. It was very windy up there. The wind knocked me over several times. My hair got all tangled. But I didn’t want to miss the lake – how could I?



  1. Tere !
    Ikka veel seiklemas ! Mina käisin viimati Liguurias ja selleks aastaks on pikemad reisid tehtud. Indu ka edaspidisteks reisideks ! Margus

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