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The Island of Fugloy: Remote but beautiful

We travelled from Torshavn to Fugloy by helicopter. Helicopter tickets can be booked and paid online For only EUR 30, you’ll fly above several islands and be treated to some breathtaking scenery. I even saw the pilot taking photos!


This is the heliport in Fugloy where we got off, which is only a couple of minutes on foot from the village of Hattarvik.


Fugloy means bird island. It’s mainly known for puffins, but also for some other birds. However, if you want to see puffins, make sure you come in summer. That’s when they visit the Faroe Islands.

The island of Fugloy has two villages, two churches, 45 inhabitants and many, MANY sheep.


These geese nicely posed for me. They even followed me for a while…


We spent about twenty minutes in Hattervik before heading off to Kirkja. It’s an easy path to walk and the views are…WOW! Don’t ask me how many photos I took!


Both villages are incredibly picturesque…


We took a boat on the way back, which was an experience in itself.


We saw the men unloading the boat, which transported food and drinks for the islanders.


The sea was rough and I got splashed a few times… but we loved every single second of that trip.  The Faroe Islands truly seem unreal…




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