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Greetings from Trogir in Croatia

It’s kind of strange to be in Croatia at this time of the year. Most cafés, restaurants and hotels are closed, and there’s hardly anyone around. Apart from the locals of course! But that’s the great thing about travelling out of season – you get the whole place to yourself! Besides, you can still swim here in November and you won’t be cold.

This time we chose Trogir… Here are some photos of this beautiful seaside town in Dalmatia…









  1. You inspired me to read up about Croatia since I was blissfully ignorant about it! Off season is definitely the way to go. Great photos, as always. I particularly like the night shot, which has a lovely feeling to it.

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    • Hi Graham. Croatia is VERY
      calm at this time of the year. Some places are literally deserted. If you ever decide to visit, then come in April or May or even June, but don’t come in July or in August. It’s just too hot and there are too many people. Hope you’re well and thanks for stopping by 😉


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