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Stari Grad on the Island of Hvar

This is the oldest town in Croatia.


Apparently, it’s as old as Aristotle..


Stari Grad means OLD TOWN.


You like it, don’t you? It’s marvelous, I agree. Let me tell you a huge secret: If you come in the low season, you’ll have it all to yourself! How about that?

This is what it looks like from above…


But its streets are especially charming… If you like photography, you’ll go crazy here!


Look at this old lamp…


Unfortunately, we weren’t lucky enough to visit this beautiful church, but we could admire it from the outside…


Now, this was a nice surprise – a lavender cake and a lavender cappuccino. Yummy…

And there are vineyards, of course! I’m not a massive wine lover but the wine on the island is good. Not just good, it’s excellent!


This notice says: Summer opening hours SLOOOWLY! You really have to remember that when you come to Central Dalmatia. Most schedules are fictional! But don’t complain about it! They’ll think you’re stressed!


Stari Grad will win your heart… There’s no doubt about it!



  1. Dear Nataly, I love your blog…this is an amazing lifestyle. I advise you to go to Gotland Island in Sweden, it is also an usual paradise….or if you have any time come a little to have a look here in Africa

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