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Central Dalmatia

Hi Everyone! I’m alive but busy (as usual!) We spent about four months in Central Dalmatia and here are some places we visited:

  1. Drvenik Velidrvenik veliki
  2. Omiš

    3. ŠibenikDSC071624. SplitDSC06956DSC06944DSC026145. Primošten

    6. The island of Brač DSC06818DSC06645DSC06636DSC06577DSC06492DSC028187. The island of Hvar

    grad hvar 2grad hvar

    8. Trogir DSC07354


  1. Loved Croatia myself. Spent 3 weeks camping all along the coast. Lots of beach time. Only regret is that I didn’t read up on the area before going. Now I read as much as I can about an area and look for a historical novel or biography to read on the road. My trips are much more memorable now.

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