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The Villach Alpine Road up to the Dobratsch

Austria is known for its beautiful Alpine Roads. The Villach Alpine Road is just one of them. DSC06818You can find more info on this website:

There are several scenic viewpoints along the road where you can stop and admire the view. Here you can see the town of Villach…DSC06699At some point, you’ll also come along this café. Their coffee isn’t the best, but the views from the terrace are really something!DSC06890And an alpine chough may come to see you. Believe me, it will wait until you share your meal… FYI, we noticed that it likes French fries!DSC06863It was a gorgeous, sunny day so we decided to go further – to the peak of the Villacher Alps or Dobratsch. It’s an easy hike and you don’t need to be an experienced hiker to have a great experience on this trail. You just need a pair of good shoes and, of course, you must like hiking.DSC06921DSC06978DSC07031DSC06790Or, you can book a panoramic flight! I wish… I wish…DSC06947Make sure you bring a warm jacket because it’s a bit chilly up there…And it’s quite foggy too!DSC07097DSC07112We saw this bird looking for worms, but I don’t know which bird it is. Do you?DSC07163That church on the top was our target. It’s situated at an altitude of 2.166m above sea level.DSC07139DSC07200DSC07263We arrived at sunset. In this photo, you can see how we hiked…It may look difficult, but it wasn’t. DSC07248And this was the view from the other side (when you’re standing in front of that church). My photo doesn’t show it at all, but it was one of the best sunsets I’d ever seen…DSC07249



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