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Greetings from Tartu in Estonia

Tartu is the second largest city of Estonia and it’s often considered the cultural centre of the country. That’s because of the University of Tartu, which is the oldest and the most renowned university in Estonia.

DSC07750Tartu is such a charming, livable town…DSC07986DSC08026DSC07936DSC00141DSC00114DSC09377

DSC08748With lots of colorful, wooden houses (don’t worry, I’ll write a separate post about it)…DSC00112This is Emajõgi which means “Mother River” in Estonian. You can go on quite a long, relaxing walk along the river…DSC08725DSC00769DSC09883You’ll notice that there are some lovely cafés, and many comfortable benches too where you can sit down and contemplate the world around you…DSC09445DSC00779If you’re looking for a unique experience, you may choose to sail along the river on the barge “Jõmmu”, which was handmade according to the ancient techniques. Click on the link for more info

DSC09868DSC09412Tartu is a calm, but at the same time, there’s always something going on…DSC09679 2I really like its creativity…DSC09497DSC09672Coffee lovers, this is a place to be! There are many great cafés to relax and enjoy your (good) coffee…DSC07734And guess what – there’s a local beach where you can swim… Well, if it’s warm enough…DSC09416This is Tigutorn (Snail tower) – a 23-storey tower building made of monolithic reinforced concrete.  The lower floors are occupied by office rooms, and the upper floors are for apartments. You can’t miss it – it really dominates the town!DSC09298DSC00155But that’s not all! I have much more to tell you about Tartu…In my next post, of course!



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