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Supilinn (Soup Town) in Tartu

Supilinn is a historic district located in the northwest of Tartu and it, actually, means Soup Town. Due to its many gardens,  its residents gave the streets vegetable/fruit names such as Meloni (Melon), Marja (Berry) or Kartuli (Potato). And so if you mixed all the streets in a big pot, you would get a soup, hence its name – Supilinn.

Typical streets in SupilinnDSC08553DSC08333DSC08354DSC08359DSC08434DSC08571DSC08602DSC08613Typical doors…DSC09848DSC09503DSC08695DSC08575DSC08458And some unusual doors…

There are many gorgeous houses in the area…DSC08649DSC08638DSC08702Some great artwork on the walls…

And we also saw a few classic cars (I especially liked the mechanic! He he)…DSC08450Don’t skip Supilinn if you ever visit Tartu!


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