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Must-see sights in Tartu

Tagurpidi maja – an upsidedown house located in front the Estonian National Museum. My absolute favorite! http://www.tagurpidimaja.eeDSC01029 2AHHAA – a science theme park for families.  The centre has everything: from turning tunnels and rooms, to live chick-hatching,  artifical wombs, high wire cycling (with safety net), strange musical instruments and… a planetarium! A great place for children and adults http://www.ahhaa.eeDSC08918DSC08873DSC08889DSC09009DSC09032Toy Museum – with its wonderful collection of old and new toys from around the world. And there are several interesting puppet theaters in the basement

The Citizen’s Museum, which is quite small, but really interesting National Museum where you can learn about the history and culture of Estonia Cathedral, located on the beautiful Toomemägi Hill. If you go to the top of the ruin, you will have a great view of Tartu

And of course, the University of Tartu – the largest and most comprehensive university in Estonia


  1. Looks like a pretty interesting place. I love the upside down house, particularly the bench out front. Those kinds of little details mean so much. Inquiring minds would love to know how your high wire bike ride went?

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