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Karlova in Tartu

A few days ago, I spoke about Supilinn, but there’s another gorgeous district in Tartu. It’s called Karlova. It’s much bigger than Supilinn, so there are, of course, many more things to see. There’s no particular place to go  – just stroll around and admire the beauty. Here are a few details that caught my attention:

Leafy streets…DSC09913DSC09993DSC00002Colourful houses…

Many beautiful old cars (I’ll write a separate post about them)…DSC00664Impressive doors and windows…

St Alexander’s Church…DSC00013DSC00511But if you do visit Karlova one day, you’ll discover many other wonders… DSC09892DSC00565DSC00047And when you get tired, go to Barlova. They have excellent cappuccinos!  Here’s their Facebook page


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